If you have a passion for travelling, then you will no doubt strive to bring it into your life whenever you possibly can. While you will likely yearn for the prospect of a new country to visit or a new culture to immerse yourself in, constant travelling is unlikely to be a realistic prospect if you have commitments back home. 

It can therefore become frustrating or even depressing if you are stuck at home without anything that you perceive as being adventurous or culturally interesting for you to try. This is understandable, as it is easy to fall into the same dull routine – whether it be commuting to work, going to the same places at weekends, or consuming the same food and drink. 

Thankfully, we are here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, while you can never fully substitute for the feeling of travelling, you can at least bring the essence of it into your home by incorporating other cultures and tastes into your kitchen.

Here are a few useful tips for bringing your passion for travelling into your home cooking exploits:

Try a coffee subscription service

One of the most widespread products around the world is coffee, with many different nations taking to perfecting their own unique blend. 

Whether it is South American nations like Colombia, Asian nations like Vietnam, African nations like Ethiopia, or of course European nations like Italy, there are a dizzying array of different blends from around the world to try.

Like all food and drink that is derived from a particular country, each blend of coffee tells its own story and reflects the environment it has been produced in.

Therefore, by using a Single Origin Coffee subscription service, you can try a different blend from a different nation each week and inject a taste of the unknown into your daily life.

Learn to cook a dish from different cultures each night of the week

Another great way to inject a sense of travelling into your kitchen is to learn how to cook a dish from another culture each night of the week. By delving into the backstory behind each meal – and the ingredients that go into them – you will feel as if you are learning far more about the country of origin and even that you have been temporarily transported to that nation. 

While it may be too time intensive to learn a completely new meal every day of the week, you could always stick to a few new meals every week and then intersperse them with a new drink or side dish from your nation of choice.

Start buying locally sourced ingredients

You could also start sourcing more authentic ingredients. While it is impossible to travel to each nation to find the right ingredients, you can always start visiting local specialists with expertise in the dishes you are trying to cook.

What’s more, you could start learning more about your own country and its culinary exploits by visiting authentic local food stores and experimenting with new dishes.