In this blog, we will be dealing with how to get purple hair. Nowadays, for any special occasion or event, it is a trend to look stylish. To showcase oneself trendy, you follow different unique methods. May it be the dress you will be wearing with matching shoes and ornaments or your attitude. Besides your party dress and shoes, the style, color of your hair matters the most. 

Today, dying your hair with purple color is a trend. You can explore various shades if you dye your hair purple.

Getting purple hair is not that much easy. You must follow some steps to get your hair purple.

Steps to get your Hair Purple

  • Select the correct purple hair dye.
  • Knowledge about proper base shades.
  • Bleaching of your hair.
  • Complete knowledge about the aftercare of your hair.

Select the correct purple hair dye

Hair experts must have proper knowledge of the hair dye to obtain purple color. For that, you must decide the shade of the purple color that you want. Dark color shades like indigo, dark purple hair, and burgundy are easy to obtain. You can get dark purple hair color on dark blonde hair.

Lighter colors are comparatively difficult to obtain. For light purple hair, your hair must be a light color and, it is valid for pink purple hair as well. Colors like lilac require bright blonde hair. 

What are the types of dye available?

Various types of dyes are available. Depending upon your need, you select the perfect shade for yourself. There are three types of dye shades that you will find in the market. They are permanent dye, semi-permanent dye, and temporary dye.

  • Permanent Dye

The name suggests that the color will be permanent but, it is not the same case. Overtime color fades away. Some pigments remain permanently. One condition that you must follow is proper caring of the hair after applying permanent dye.

  • Semi-permanent Dye

These types of dyes last up to six washes. After that brightness of the purple color starts fading away. The semi-permanent dye is nearly equal to a permanent die. To keep the purple hair color for a longer time, you must apply purple shampoo to dry hair.

  • Temporary Dye

For any special events, you can try temporary purple hair dye. After two to three washes, the purple hair color will start fading away. If you still wish that your purple hair color remains for a longer time, then use purple shampoo to dry your hair.

Knowledge about base shades

How to obtain a purple shade to your hair? Let us discuss them one by one.

  1. If you have natural platinum hair, apply a pale-yellow shade to obtain the purple hair color of pastel tones.
  2. For light blonde hair, add yellow to get lilac purple hair. 
  3. Same as above for orchid, magenta, and bright indigo.
  4. If you have natural light brown hair, apply copper color to get medium purple and burgundy purple.
  5. For natural medium brown hair color, use copper to obtain dark purple and indigo purple color.
  6. If your hair color is dark brown, use a red shade to get a violet-black purple hair color.

Try professional local experts’ hair salons to obtain a beautiful purple hair color for a special event.