Things to Check if Hot Water System is Not Working

hot water system not working

Bathing with hot water is a regular habit for someone. During winters, almost 90 percent of people use hot water for bathing. We use various methods to warm our water for bathing. Someone may use their gas oven, electric heater, solar water heater, or geysers. What if your hot water system not working? Or any other system of hot water not working properly? 

You will find the answers to the above questions in our blog. Check the following things below if the hot water system is not working.

Check all Taps

First of all, you will have to check all your taps. Check whether cold water is flowing from all taps. If cold water is flowing from all taps, check the valve that is present in the body of the electric hot water system not working is in the “On” position. If in the “Off” position, then turn it on. The isolation valve is like a yellow or red handle.

In an electric hot water system, check the red fuse. Make sure that the fuse is in working condition. Check the power cord and the PowerPoint properly. Sometimes the power cord is faulty due to which your electric hot water system is not working.

For the gas hot water system not working, then check the gas tank. Ensure to fill the gas tank. Also, check the gas line properly. Make sure that there is no blockage or leakage in the gas pipe. If your gas water heater not working, then you can call a technician for repairing.

Check water flow

Check if both hot and cold water is flowing from taps. If both hot and cold water is not flowing, then check the main water pipeline. Check the main valve. There might also be a leakage in the pipe. Ensure that the isolation valve is in the “On” position.

Water leaking

Check if any water is leaking from the hot water system. If a small amount of water is leaking from the temperature release valve, then it is acceptable. If the amount of water leaking is more than the accepted range, then call any technician. If water is leaking from the side and button of the hot water system, call any professional. As an immediate step, you can close the tap connecting the hot water system not working.

Adjust the temperature

Don’t forget to check the temperature setting of your hot water heater not working. Adjust the desired temperature and wait for at least one hour. If you find any changes in the water temperature, adjust the thermostat to the desired temperature. After temperature adjustment, if your hot water heater not working call the helpline number of the manufacturer. 

One important thing that you must keep in mind. It is your and your family’s safety. Safety is the foremost thing that needs proper attention.

What to do for safety?

For safety purposes, if your water heater not working properly isolate the device from the mainline. Make sure no electrical wire is in contact with water. Close the tap connecting the water heater not working. 

If you need any assistance regarding your water heater not working, contact us. We have a professional technician who will contact you and provide you service at your doorstep.


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