While planning a new fitout for your office or commercial space is undoubtedly an exciting time for your business, fitouts in Melbourne can be costly, and when not planned meticulously, they can drag out far beyond any previously agreed-upon deadlines. This article details some of the most important things you should be thinking about when planning your new fitout.

Is This the Right Time to Be Planning a Fitout?

While a fitout can be an investment that pays dividends long after the job has been completed, it can also be a lofty expense that presents its own challenges. Knowing when it’s the right time to start planning a fitout could help you breathe new life into your workspace or save you from unnecessary time wastage and expenses.

An obvious sign that it’s the right time to plan a fitout is if you’ve simply outgrown your current workspace. The natural evolution of your business might mean you need to update the space in order to more closely reflect the company’s current values and branding. In extreme cases of growth, you may even have a need to add an extension to your existing workspace in order to facilitate more staff and offer a more streamlined and functional workspace.

Many existing offices in Melbourne have a reputation for being outdated and lacking in atmosphere. Another sign that a fitout might be in order is if you’re attempting to attract younger talent who expect more contemporary workspaces with updated technology and decor.

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What Are Your Goals with a Fitout & Why?

If you’ve decided that now is a good time to plan a new fitout, you’ll want to get clear on your intentions and aims. The cost of fitouts in Melbourne can quickly balloon out of control if you’re not certain about the features you want and why you want them. 

Understand whether your goals are born out of vanity or ego. Refurbishment goals that are genuinely good for you and your business are the kind that streamline processes, attract new customers and make employees happier. While an expensive water feature in your lobby may seem impressive to clients and competitors, it ultimately serves no purpose for the business itself and will do little to energise and engage your staff.

Enlisting the Help of a Fitout Specialist

A fitout or full refurbishment should not be taken lightly. No matter how handy you might think you are, this is definitely not a DIY project. You’ll therefore need to enlist the help of a company that specialises in fitouts in Melbourne.

The main advantage of hiring a fitout specialist to help you plan and complete your new fitout is that they can focus on the project management and logistics side of executing the fitout, allowing you to focus on running your business. They’ll be able to curate high-grade materials for your fitout as well as offer you interior design expertise and ensure all work is completed to the necessary standards and codes.

A good fitout specialist will also be able to work within your budget, meaning you won’t have to make any unnecessary compromises in order to cut costs as the project progresses.