Why Home Decor Matters? 10 Reasons Why Home Decor is Important

Home Decor

Many people ask themselves why does home decor matter? Does it really matter what I have in my home or how my home is decorated?

Home Decor matters since how our home is decorated can and will affect all aspects of our lives. Our homes show the world who we are and what is important to us. Our home decor can affect our physical and mental well-being. Our homes are also a gathering place for our families, friends, and loved ones.

Home Decor is also important because the way we live and how we decorate our home becomes part of our personal identity. Susan Clayton, an environmental psychologist at the College of Wooster said it best with:

Our home and home decor matter as our homes is an extension of ourselves. Our homes and the way we live become part of our personal identity.

I remember visiting my sister in California; she lived in a housing development where all of the houses were pretty much the same color, shape, and size; the only way I could tell her house from the other houses was because she had a small terracotta walkway. Many of the neighbors would go into each other’s houses and compare what each person had done with the inside of their house. This is because of their house and how it was decorated as part of their personal identity.

Our homes and how we decorate our homes matter as they are part of our personal identity. Here are the top 10 reasons why home decor matters:

1 -You Live In Your Home

Home decor matters are because you live in your home; most of us spend a lot of time in our homes. Because of the time we spend in our homes, how we decorate our homes does matter.

2 – Your Home Tells Your Story

When you go into another person’s home you can tell so much about that person by their home decor. A person’s home will tell the stories of their lives.

3 – Your Home Reflects Who You Are

Because telling your story, our homes also tell the world who we are and what we stand for. For example, does your home have a lot of family pictures around? People will understand that family is important to you. If your home has a lot of art, it may show that you are an art lover.

Our own individual tastes and how we decorate our homes tell a lot about each of us.

4 – Your Home Decor Can Affect Your Mood

Home decor and how your home is decorated can affect your mood. When I lived in Thailand, I had an orange wall; somebody told me that I should not have an orange wall because it would make me sick and angry. But actually, the opposite was true – when I looked at that orange wall and the art and other things I had on it – it made me happy.

5- Our Home Decor Should Nourish Us

Our home decor should nourish and uplift us. It should be a place where we can put our feet up from the cares of the world and truly be ourselves. Our home decor is about understanding our lifestyle and what is important to us.

6 -Your Home Decor Can Affect Your Work

More people than ever are working from home, so our home life can affect our professional life. If you have a comfortable place in your home to work, this can help you be more effective and efficient in your professional life.

7 – Your Home Decor Can Affect Your Health and Well-being

I am a great believer that your home decor will affect your health and well-being. Light is essential to me. If I am in a dark room, it is much easier for me to sleep in and not get up to exercise or do those things I need to do to be healthy.

I believe that your home decor can and will affect your overall health and well-being. The decor in your house should inspire you to want to be the best that you can be.

8 – Your Home Decor Should Be Comfortable

Your home decor should be comfortable; if your home is not comfortable then it is like you are living in a museum or a showplace. I have always enjoyed homes that are a little bit lived in and you can tell that the occupants of the home live there and enjoy the home. For me, I am a great believer that a home should be lived in and not just be a showplace.

9 – Home Decor Is Important Because it is Important To You

Your home and home decor should be important because it is important to you. I have been into many homes where I feel like home decor was not very important to the occupants of the home. Usually, those homes were disorganized and messy. The people who are living in them did not care much about taking care of their home and the things they had in their home.

10 – Your Home Is A Gathering Place

A home should be a place where you can gather; it should be a place where family, friends, and loved ones can feel welcome and comfortable. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than going into someone’s home, or you are so nervous that you will break something or spill something; you spend your whole time on edge and very uncomfortable.

This is why I believe good home decor is a home where people can gather and enjoy one another’s company. 

Source: mondoro.com


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